Artist Statement

My work is born from a passion for storytelling. I am a multimedia artist and writer. My practice includes many types of painting, digital art, woodcarving, printmaking, collage, fibers, and sculpture. When looking out at the world, I find myself most drawn to the intimacies of human relationships. Themes of mimicry also resonate with me, both conceptually and in the materials I use; many of my mediums are repurposed and recycled found-objects. Material exploration and narrative representationalism are equally weighted in my conceptual process. Operating similarly to the act of curation, I think of assembling these parts as “harvesting”. I prefer this terminology because it is a natural process in who I am. With time and tenderness it yields outgrowths that can enrich viewers through their greater substance – they are thoughtful images. My aim is that the scenes I render point at likenesses previously unconsidered, letting the viewer in on the quiet humor of my work. And much in the same way a joke can be broken down into a formulaic call and response, my way of making involves a delicate balancing act of looking for the payoff without giving away the punchline.


Dylan Ringer is a third year student at the Kansas City Art Institute, double majoring in Painting and Creative Writing. They were selected to study abroad with the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland for the fall of 2023, with a specific focus on art and ecology.


Most of the work displayed on this website is available for purchase. I am also open for commission work in any range of the mediums exhibited here. If interested in either of these services, please use the contact form provided below to reach out to me.


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